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A Place Away from Home

Metro has been known to help clients with buildings other than their homes. Throughout a person’s day, one frequents a variety of buildings. There are places built for work, business, education, recreational activities, shopping, and worship or social gatherings, to name a few. 

We have been involved in creating new buildings and renovating existing ones for these uses. The process requires a coming together of those who own them, those who will inhabit them, those who plan them and those who build them. A high-quality set of drawings will not only depict a common vision, they enable those involved in constructing the building to do so efficiently.

Contact Us for a Commercial Building Design

From building a new office to renovating an existing worship space, you need an expert on your side to ensure government codes and personal standards are met. Metro can help you and the local community come up with a design that meets everyone’s needs. Contact our office today to schedule an in-person meeting to start your design.


Born to Design

Learn about our company’s history and our owner’s lifelong passion for building and design.

Dream Designs

Our multi-stage design process allows you to refine your style and design goals as our work progresses.

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