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Home Renovations and Additions

Many people find themselves staying in or purchasing a home because they love the neighbourhood, even though the home doesn’t suit their tastes or lifestyle. We at Metro find it very rewarding to help people devise a plan to transform a lackluster home into an exceptional home that fits them. Homes constructed over the past 100 years often possess enough character and structural integrity that tearing them down would be a shame. Transforming homes to align with current lifestyles is also great for the environment.

The most common renovations involve such things as creating an open floor plan, more generous kitchens, master bedrooms with a walk-in closet and ensuite, attached garages and outdoor living spaces. These improvements often include both renovations and additions. Fortunately, older homes tend to be located on generous lots that can accommodate additions. The exterior of homes tend to be defined by the decade in which they were built, creative construction and new finishes can bring a home into the current era. Often this work has the ability to move a home into a different style. A renovation is also a great opportunity to make an existing home more “green” by improving the insulation values, air tightness of building envelope, heating equipment, plumbing and electrical fixtures.

Home Renovations Made Easy with Metro

The process for designing a renovation/addition is similar to that of our New Home Design but requires us to visit the existing home. If blueprints of the original building are not available, we will measure and photograph it. We will draw it as-is before exploring renovation/addition ideas. One of the advantages of drawing on a computer is that it is easy to present different design concepts.

An ill-planned renovation or addition can result in a visually and functionally awkward home. Our goal is to develop a design that will result in a home that looks great, functions great and seems like it has always been built that way.

Our experience with building methods used, past and present, has been an asset on these projects. The variety such projects brings challenges and rewards we enjoy. To transform your home into a modern marvel, contact our designers for an in-person meeting.


Born to Design

Learn about our company’s history and our owner’s lifelong passion for building and design.

Dream Designs

Our multi-stage design process allows you to refine your style and design goals as our work progresses.

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