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a place called home

A Place Called Home

What Does Metro Do?

A home is a precious place in many tangible and intangible ways. The word “home” in itself conjures up a diverse range of images, memories and emotions. It does not matter how modest or grand it is, everyone values a place they can call home. It is a place one goes back to, where you can be yourself. It is a place to rest, a safe refuge. It is a place to gather, to share a meal, to grow, to celebrate, and to make memories with family and friends. We at Metro are honoured when clients invite us to help them in the process of creating their home.

What constitutes a great home is as unique as those living in it. Home design is much like art or music in that each person is entitled to pursue what suits their taste. When working with a client we endeavor to know them, only then we can design “their home,” one they feel fits their taste and lifestyle, a home that is an expression of who they are.


In brief, we at Metro see ourselves as the essential link between a client’s dreams and the construction of their home. It starts with carefully listening to a client then transposing what was said into a design drawing, fine tuning the design and finally drafting a set of “blueprints” that will enable contractors, trades people and suppliers to build your home. The drawings are also a key component in obtaining development permits and building permits. Metro has been involved in a multitude of new home builds, additions and renovations primarily in Central Alberta. Feel free to  call us, we would love to hear about your dreams.

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